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Month: May, 2011

How I Almost Died in Haiti #13

Heavy rain.  Under a leaky tin roof.  Holding a microphone.  Connected to an amplifier.  Plugged in with exposed wires.  To a power strip sitting in a puddle.

I’m keeping a running log of the many ways I’ve almost died in Haiti.  Carbon monoxide poisoning as Valentin runs the gas generator inside the kitchen to make a smoothie.  Pick axe flying at my groin.  Dropping concrete blocks near my head.  And many, many more.

I’ve been missing online a lot recently.  Rainy season’s begun and there’s seldom electricity when it rains, which has been the story for the last month.  I’m pretty sure the absence of electricity is intentional.  I haven’t figured out if it’s because these flimsy power lines could break and flail live wires into the infinite puddles or if it’s because nobody can get to work at the power station since tap taps don’t run in the rain.  Either way, rain is pretty annoying.

But that’s nothing compared to the misery so many Haitians are experiencing as their tents flood daily.  Walking out of the church where I “almost died,” we waded through 18 inches of fast moving water.  And that was on a road.  I can’t imagine what it’s like in the sunken plots people have settled into with their tents.

Please pray for Haiti.


Month 4

It always feels like I’ve just arrived.  It’s my fourth month here and my fourth staffing combination.  It’s a different group of people every month.  With all that shuffling at home, there hasn’t been any real stability.  Any rest.  The latest change – Andrea went home to nurse a herniated disc and Regina arrived from NJ to work with us the next 3 months.

Since Andrea’s out indefinitely for her injury, I’m teaching all her classes.  I’m also stewarding a new water treatment project.  Where I once felt like I didn’t have anything to do, I now feel a bit overwhelmed.  When it rains it pours, I guess.  The water project is really the elephant sitting on my chest, though.  There’s a lot of internal and external forces – political, financial, and otherwise – that’s putting the pressure on.  Just hope I can handle it all with wisdom and grace.

Zoo, etc.

Proof that I live in a zoo . . . and other pictures from around town.  Here’s a photo dump to make up for lost time.

Yes, that’s a chicken on top of our kitchen cabinets.

Suckas took over our whole kitchen.

This guy had the nerve to look at me like, “What’re you doing in my house?”

Bored while we sat in 2 hours of traffic from rain.  A/C doesn’t work in our car, so we had to alternate between being stuffy with the windows up or wet with the windows down.

Hand-painted street signs in our neighborhood from a couple blocks down.

Diva Stellecy’s shoes.  She has more pairs than everyone else in the house and wants you to know it.

Kids loved the leftover rubber bands from our aquatab distributions.  They’d follow us around and wait for a band to free up.

You just make do with what you have.  Luckily, these kids got some tiny bottoms.

Tease: A Definition

The electricity from last night’s post was short lived.  The fan was on while I took a shower and brushed my teeth, but it turned off again right before bed.  I’m pretty sure we’re in the 80s these days with high humidity.  Oh, Haiti.


Everyone should know the joy of getting the electricity (read: fan) turned on right before bed on a hot night after going over a week without it.

Captions Please

My head is about to explode.  Osama bin Laden’s dead.  Memphis beat San Antonio.  What else did I miss these last 4 days?!  We haven’t had electricity in a while, and there’s so much I want to read and to share.  But my window for electricity is short, so I’ll just leave you with a few pictures from last Friday.  We sorted through donations from the last few months and found these jewels.  Feel free to add your own witty captions in the comment section.