Glamour Shots

by jw321

There’s no better way to commemorate 6 months in Haiti than team glamour shots.  It was such a special occasion that I left my zip-off cargo pants at home and wore my “23-hours in Miami” jeans (the jeans I brought solely to wear on my layover in Miami this weekend).  Yes, taking Haitian glamour shots is that big a deal.

Liz was the only one that had taken these photos before, so we waited for her instruction.  Luckily, it was simple.  Props, poses, and places.  That’s it.  The more random the mix, the more amazing the photo.

I think we did pretty well for our first time.  Andrea pulled off an impressive solo shot for a first timer, but Liz really hit it out of the park.  Double images?!  What a pro.