Intern Fun Day

by jw321

Yesterday was our last day all together since Liz left for a California wedding this afternoon.  To celebrate we spent the day doing what we love most – playing board games and eating.

Preparing to go, we all picked up some of our favorite games.


First stop was what may be the only legit coffee shop in Haiti.  Shared some coffee, cookies, croissants, and Quiddler.


Next stop was a Baptist mission atop the Petionville hills.  It was started by Wally Turnbull, aka the guy who wrote the Creole textbook each of us studied when we first arrived (Regina happened to have it on her).  We visited the little zoo they had, then went to the cafe for some kibbys, chicken wings, seasoned fries, onion rings, salad, soda, and Scrabble.


Last stop was a vista point where we could see all of Port Au Prince.  This one’s a keeper.

Yesterday was a very good day.  I’m going to miss you guys.