by jw321

“Welcome!  I’m so glad to see you this morning.”  She held my hand and didn’t let go as we all exchanged names.  “You should really stay for sunday school,” she said with the warm, deliberate cadence befitting her 80ish years.  “There’s a special guest.  He’s our missionary to Israel and he knows his stuff!”  I smiled.  Big.

After 6 months in Haiti, this exchange at my first worship service back in the states might have been my most important lesson.  Simple acts of obedience.  Grand overtures and great adventures are hollow if I’m not faithful in the mundane.  Sharing meals.  Listening carefully.   Making friends of strangers and enemies.  This is obedient love.

Haiti is amazing.  It is paradigm shifting, mind blowing, life changing.  But it is also done (at least for now).  I don’t want to dwell on what’s been done, but on what’s left to do.  I don’t want to be 80 and talking about what I did.  I want to be 80 and doing, sharing, giving, loving.

Thank you all for your faithful prayers and support.  My one last request is that you’ll pray for growth in ordinary faithfulness so if God calls me again to the extraordinary, I won’t be wasting His time.

Thank you all again!  It was my pleasure and privilege to serve with and for you these last 6 months.



PS – I’m still processing through all my thoughts/experiences, but if you want to hear more, let’s schedule some time together.  I fly out to NYC 8/9 for grad school.