Here’s a quick reference guide to the people I live/work with in Haiti.

Liz (Foundation for Peace Intern, NJ) – Mid 20s, loves NYC, quick witted, sleeps wrapped in a bedsheet burrito from head to toe.  Started at FFP in Santo Domingo last summer, and then continued her work for FFP in Haiti at the end of last year.  Returning to NJ at the end of Summer 2011.

Andrea (FFP Intern, CA) – Barely 20, laughs a lot, old fan of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, new fan of Arrested Development.  Taking a year off of college to help FFP Haiti.  Returning to CA at the end of Summer 2011.

Luke (Roommate/former FFP Intern, WA) – Early 20s, former model of both a mullet and a rat tail, has the hugest head of curly hair I’ve seen in some time.  Was volunteering with FFP in Santo Domingo when the earthquake hit, been serving Haiti since.  Returning to WA late February.

Dessalines (FFP Security, Haiti) – Mid 20s, ripped, loves kids, loved by the ladies.  Favorite phrases include “Sa’k pase” and “How are you, my man?”

Henery (FFP Head of Construction, Haiti) – Mid 20s, tall and lanky, never speaks in English but speaks rapid-fire Creole. Flashes a big, warm, white smile and shakes my hand whenever he sees me.

Claude May (Domestic Diva, Haiti) – Helps with cooking and cleaning at the house.  Laughs at all jokes, funny or otherwise.  Usually gives me the most enthusiastic “Bonjou” of the morning.

Valentin (Haiti Director of FFP, Haiti) – Early 30s, but very boyish.  Likes making jokes that don’t make sense, loves juice of any kind.  Loud, booming voice.  Favorite phrases include “Thank you, Jesus” and “I am grangou (hungry).”

Nadege (Valentin’s wife, Haiti) –  Reason why I’m not losing any weight in Haiti.  Wants to open a restaurant, understands and speaks more English than she lets on.  Favorite phrases include “Manithe . . . ” and “Can you help me reach?” (I think that’s only for me).

Manithe (Valentin’s older daughter, Haiti) – Quiet, except when she sings.  She sings when she’s cooking/cleaning.  She’s cooking/cleaning all the time.  Transitive property says this girl is a living musical – no talking, just singing.  Seriously, I so admire her humble service.

Stellecy (Valentine’s baby daughter, Haiti) – 3 year old firecracker.  Dances inappropriately, screams at ear-bleeding frequencies, smile melts your heart.

Me (FFP Intern, CA) – Late late late 20s, bad posture, eats his emotions.  Returning to CA early July 2011.